The 8 sites that come up to dominate wine readership

Here is the quarterly ranking of web sites. Webmasters need not apply as the contest includes all sites. The table shows only the 140 ‘best’ — ‘best’ is evaluated with public website metrics. These permit to include all sites — not just blogs.

Herebelow is a story of the poll and an analysis of the results.

A comprehensive pool of candidates

Crowd of competitorsI have again expanded the set of websites that I retrieve metrics for. Their number has grown to 340 now. This list is close to being complete: it includes almost all the websites that qualify.

Better data

The number of processed sites has grown as indicated above. Furthermore the measures are improved too.

The value of traffic used to be approximative. I have improved this metric by dampening the data for all sites. The traffic figure is now fully operative: the real (private) traffic figures are not extremely far from those publicly displayed. Only rarely will a blogger complain.

Individual movements

Some sites are no longer showing. In general this is not because they are lacking in any way. It is only because of the growth of the competing pool.

Other sites have made a strong impact this quarter. The values (the dollars worth) that augmented most were those of:

These sites currently enjoy public recognition and more readers. The sites that exploded this past 12 months were:

Fortunately there are many other authors for you to read. Discover them by going through the list.

How to participate

Websites are automatically included in the contest as soon as I learn of their existence. To be eligible to the next issue of the Cellarer wine directory, the below conditions must be met:

  1. The main topic should be wine.
  2. Producing estates and wine sellers are excluded. Some of them run wonderful websites but the type of information is different.

If you disagree with the directory criteria, please comment below or e-mail me.

You can follow the directory evolution by subscribing to the feed on websites blog RSS.

Once the above conditions are fulfilled the websites are also considered for addition to another tool: a search engine dedicated to wine and food.


There is a complementary contest: the American Wine Blog Awards. It has a focus on US blogs and uses some subjective judgment by peers. The purpose is entirely different to that of the Cellarer ranking, which automatically includes all sites and is limited only by publically available data (which mostly is not directly influenced by peers). Tom Wark announces the American Wine Blog Awards every year in March.

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7 Responses to “The 8 sites that come up to dominate wine readership”

  1. dhonig says:

    2 wine sites you’re missing- The 89 Project ( and Wine Twitters (

  2. I would argue that Wine Twitters is not a site about wine but about wine internet personalities.
    Indeed the 89 Project qualifies. It will appear in a future list. It currently does not have statistics high enough.
    Thank you pointing these sites out.

  3. I have mentioned before that you add my website, But I still do not show in your list. I am one of the largest (over 250 pages) and oldest (1995) wine websites. Using your metrics I get a 5 PageRank and Compete’s Site Profile list traffic at over 4,000 (our internal logs show unique visits to be many, many times that). I would be interested to see where I rank on your list.

  4. Bill Eyer says:

    I would love to have you take a look at the Cuvee Corner Wine Blog, so I may be included in the contest. My readership numbers are moving up nicely! I love the concept and salute the great amount of work that went into compiling a such a interesting evaluation tool.

  5. Stephen, Bill,
    Thank you for mentioning your respective websites. They are on my radar. We’ll see when they show on top.

  6. Martin says:

    It is really useful to have a list like this. There are a bunch of top sites missing including; snooth, winezap, vinogusto, cellartracker, wineaccess, vinogusto, verema, and (of course) .

    PS: I will be in, if WineSpectator sell themselves for $54,000.

  7. Hello Martin,
    Thank you for your thoughtful remarks.

    Valuations are on an arbitrary scale. You show that it is too low. So I’ll raise all dollars by a consistent factor in the next issue. Nevertheless one should note that it’s only the website that is assessed here. (The WineSpectator publishing arm is formally out of the scope.)

    Your list of missing sites is useful too. A few of them are not in English and this is why they will not appear.

    I see the others more like resources/webapps than author-driven sites. This is why they currently are not part of the contest. I am not so sure if this segregation is relevant. I will think about removing it: including the wine resources or the wine webapps. Or both.