Best wine sites as of January 2013

This article is a resource for you to find interesting sites.

I have performed website appraisal on 500 sites and I have ranked only the top 250. Herebelow is an analysis of the results.

The big guns

Two Fort Riley soldiers compete in the 2005 Best Ranger Competition

More people look for food or wine information on the Web in the Autumn that in other seasons. This primarily benefits the information brands. This semester the sites that gained most traffic were (in decreasing order): Snooth, CellarTracker, Winezap, Wine Enthusiast, the Wine Spectator, Vinquire, Decanter, French Scout.

The sites that gained most traffic this quarter were the same. Yet the top positions are changing: the Wine Spectator lost the most audience (and thus valuation) in the past year: from 108.000 visitors in January 2012 down to 66.000 visitors in January 2013.

Conversely fewer and fewer people go and visit the small sites, I mean the ones that do not show in the selection because they are not enough visited. So we may have a vicious circle here : few visitors bring low visibility. Maybe you have to reach out to become famous…


The recent holiday season has favoured the big sites again. Yet challengers already show in this list. You can expect some to rise higher in the next installment in April.

In the last few years the web offer has immensely diversified. Everybody and their wine supplier now has a blog. There now are many quality wine critics who comment on line. So go on a reading journey by browsing the list of 250 best wine sites!

How to participate

Websites are automatically included in the contest as soon as I learn of their existence. To be eligible to the next issue of the Cellarer wine directory, the below conditions must be met:

  1. The main topic should be wine.
  2. Producing estates and wine sellers are excluded. Some of them run wonderful websites but the type of information is different.

If you disagree with the directory criteria, please comment below or e-mail me.

Here are the metrics I use for rating the wine sites. You can follow the directory evolution by subscribing to the feed on websites blog RSS.

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7 Responses to “Best wine sites as of January 2013”

  1. Mark Lenzi says:

    We would love our website to be reviewed

  2. Roy says:

    why is Wine Searcher not on the list?

  3. Good question. My aim is to show wine writers, not wine inventory. 12× is not on the list because it’s a search engine and because its purpose is selling. Wine Searcher is not on the list for the same reasons but it’s debatable in so far as it has articles on the state of industry.

  4. Hi Mark – Thank you for the suggestion. No seller is part of the review. Sorry for that.

  5. Marin says:

    I see winezap and vinquire are both on the list: they are less good versions of Search engines of price lists – but covering fewer lists – and without the articles on regions and news.

  6. Tom says: is a very popular wine site that is the “pandora for wine” where you put in wines you like and they will suggest wines that are similar. Can buy wines directly from the wineries with discounts offered.

  7. t shirt says:

    Illinois abounds with a route of your time. But the answer to the mid-fifties.
    Sell or raffle the wine tasted burnt and provided
    little fruit.