Top 100 wine voices in 2014

Traffic data shows which wine websites are most popular this year. (Here is the method.) Below is an analysis of this ranking of wine sites.

Apps and magazines

And the winner is…Having an off-line reputation clearly helps. This is easiest for the paper media — as illustrated by the presence in the Top 10 of the Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Decanter and Robert Parker.

Most incumbents are not going away but web apps now also dominate the Top 10.

In the last few years the wine web offer has immensely diversified. There now are many quality wine critics who blog on line. The Traveling Wine Chick and the Wine Predator have just entered the Top 100 wine voices. The Top 100 attempts to highlight writers that you should discover. Only the “better” 20% of the websites are shown. Well, “better” here is not an opinion but an evaluation of which sites are most popular.

How to participate

Websites are automatically included in the contest as soon as I learn of their existence. To be eligible to the next issue of the Cellarer wine directory, the below conditions must be met:

  1. The main topic should be wine.
  2. Producing estates and wine sellers are excluded. Some of them run wonderful websites but the type of information is different.

If you disagree with the directory criteria, please comment below or e-mail me.

Here are the metrics I use for rating the wine sites. You can follow the directory evolution by subscribing to the feed on websites blog RSS.

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4 Responses to “Top 100 wine voices in 2014”

  1. T Hamilton says:

    Please include my website in your listings. While rather new, and trying to increase traffic, I would appreciate your inclusion. Thank you!

  2. allaboutwine says:

    hi i am having wine related webpage kindly add my site

  3. Hi, i am happy to tell you that your website appears at number 79 there.