Build your own search engine in 5 steps

You can set up your own search engine by applying the below method: optionally get a domain name, get hosting, get a PHP wrapper or a blog engine, obtain an API key, copy the Yahoo BOSS caller.

Web hosting

Your website will be accessed from anywhere on the Internet but it actually will reside somewhere: in a computer connected to the Internet. This step is described in the recipe to cook a deft website.

Set-up the website

Open an account at the hosting company. Download an FTP client.
Choose files to wrap up the PHP script. An option is a simple file named index.php. It would start with a few HTML lines.
Another option is to consider a CMS (content management system). You will interact with this software to manage your website. Wordpress is an excellent CMS in that it is both engaging and tremendously enabling.
In your FTP client upload your PHP file or the Wordpress files.

API key

keys to your doorObtain an application ID from Yahoo.

Search engine PHP script

This PHP script will take a query and gather search engine results. You can change the way these results are displayed. If you learn some PHP you can even transform the results (or recombine them).
What the PHP script does:

  • display a form where the user will enter her query;
  • capture the query (named $secure_query);
  • call Yahoo BOSS;
  • receive and process the Yahoo BOSS results;
  • display the results.

How to copy it

This PHP script can be placed in any file named something.php. It can notably be inserted into a PHP blog platform. I would advise you to consider Wordpress which is one of the best blog engines and whose license is the same.

You may reuse and propagate this script with this license:
the GPL v2.

Usage: launch a text editor, open your HTML or PHP file, copy and paste this script.


A version of this script runs if you trigger the search box at the top of this page.

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