Dinner party: the wine etiquette you need, not more

Shall you bring wine? or discuss wine?

Tackled! - Kingsbridge v Withycombe, by bored@workLet’s first tackle the delicate business of taking wine to a dinner party, not to drink yourself, of course, but as a gift to the hosts. Don’t be offended if they whisk it away for another party, one to which you may not be invited.

Most people plan a dinner carefully, right down to the wine they want to serve. Unless you called in advance and were asked to bring something specific, don’t expect them to change their meal plan for you.

Of course, if it’s a small party, you can make a big hit by offering to bring all the wine. No right-minded host would turn you down.

If spending too much on glasses is foolish, spending too much on wine for guests is even more so. Not possible? Oh yes it is. Rare wines are not for everyone’s taste. Unless the guests are demanding connoisseurs, and who invited them anyway?

Wine for a group should be moderately priced, not just to save money but to provide something everyone will like. Great Bordeaux is like chamber music; great Beaujolais is like Rodgers and Hart. And make sure there is enough. Count on a bottle a person at a dinner. That sounds like a lot but, divided between white and red, and spread over a long evening, it’s not much at all.

Family tackle, by legdogLet’s now fell wine as a discussion topic.

One irritating lapse in wine etiquette is making wine the center of the evening. Wine should be part of the meal, not the reason for it.

Beware the host who lectures on his wines or, worse, plays wine games with his hapless guests. A considerable part of the populace has no objection to a bit of the grape now and then, but little or no interest beyond that.

Blathering on about the recent vintage is boring; asking someone to guess which glass is the merlot is boorish. Makes you want to call for a beer.

Yet wine can be the supporting partner: you’ll enjoy your friends and discover wine at the same time.

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