The direction is to more screwcaps and fewer bottles

Last week Barbara Keck posted about wine packaging. She analyzed the results of a survey of Zinfandel (West Coast) producers. Herebelow are a few answers:

  • “Closures are a way you can differentiate your product”
  • “Screw caps. There seems to be public acceptance of these closures in the under-$20 segment.”
  • “Lighter bottles will reduce the cost of shipping”
  • “We are hearing a lot about the carbon footprint of heavy glass bottles, something that takes less energy to create.”
  • “Screw caps – we’d use them more if they could go on a variety of bottles, but we’d never use them for red wines.”
  • “We are going to go to screw cap on our white wines, and will use synthetic cork on our reds.”
  • “We need to move to “greener” packaging, where there is less waste.”
  • “Paper packaging has a chance now with the carbon footprint thing; I see some bag-in-box here at ZAP and I see it in the stores.”

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