Niche quality vs most popular

I am progressing. Thanks to the feedback of some fellow bloggers I have come to realize that the directory of wine sites is not so much about quality as it is about popularity. It shows the big names because it is based on Google and traffic. This certainly is useful to have a view of who is important in the wine domain.

I will publish something similar for the food business. It will show the 100 most popular food blogs. So come back here in June.

I am already working on this project. This gives me a view of the food blogging field and enables me to spot interesting authors. I read them and incorporate some of them into the food engine. Cellarer is a search engine with a bias: it prefers lesser-known authors over big firms. Type any food-related query into the top box and you will obtain custom answers: from niche experts.
Cellarer search is about quality related to the niche — which is food, cooking and wine. It takes you to a tour of interesting bloggers.

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