Overhaul of the food engine

You can query the search engine with the box at the top of any page. Some people already do on a regular basis.

I have worked long to improve this web engine. And the new version is now running! The primary difference is the migration from the Google index to the Yahoo! index. I will not detail how Google was not so good. Instead I’ll explain how the new version is good.

Related searches are suggested, in the food and wine domains.

The results shown come from a wide spread of sites. It is not restricted to well known websites. Some blogs from the Cellarer community show up — much more often than on mainstream search engines.

The catalogue of returned websites is very varied. It also includes recent sites.

The look and feel is beautiful and easy to use. Try it!

In one month, I’ll explain how you can do the same.

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One Response to “Overhaul of the food engine”

  1. Hi Estelle,

    Thanks for adding me into your blog search roll , really appreciate it! Good luck with the new web engine and if you’re in London, look me up. Cheers! Denise