Peel the wine details off the label

It often happens that you enjoy a wine with friends and a few days later you wish you had noticed its name. Because you would like to buy it but you did not pay attention to the label at the party.

Here is a general solution: don’t bother. You’ll taste other wines.

Label peeling

A winery has decided to take advantage of this recall impulse. Oxford Landing ships its South Australian Shiraz wine with a tear-off tab with all the useful information. When at the party you can peel the tab off the back label: the winery has very much increased its chance of you buying another bottle.

I heard about this idea from Ben Terrett. Here is the original post.

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One Response to “Peel the wine details off the label”

  1. Chuck says:

    I think this is a great idea, beats writing it down on a cocktail napkin. Some will say it’s too commercial (until they find it handy themselves)