The wine regions of Germany

Germany has 13 separate wine growing regions, each of which produces its own style of wine, often from the same varieties. Generally, the lightest and most elegant German wines are produced in the Mosel-Sarr-Ruwer and Ahr regions.
Slightly fuller wines are made inthe Mittelrhein, Nahe, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut, while the fullest German wines tend to come from the regions of Pfalz, Hessische Bergstrasse, Sachsen, Württembery and Baden.

Wine regions Major wine types Soil type Wine style
Ahr Red/Rose:
volcanic slate light, fruity
Mosel-Saar-Ruwer White: Riesling slate-covered slopes,
rich in minerals
elegant, delicate,
Nahe White: Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner loess, loam, quartzite, porphyry fruity, crisp, stylish
Pfalz White: Riesling,
Scheurebe, Gewürztraminer,Muller-Thurgau, Kerner, Silvaner
Red/Rose: Spätburgunder, Portugieser
loam, weathered limestone full, aromatic, round
White: Riesling,
loess elegand, fruity,
good acidity
Baden White: Ruländer
(Pinot Gris), Müller-Thurgau,
Gewürztraminer, Riesling

loess, loam, volcanic
full, aromatic,
Sachsen White: Müller-Thurgau,
Weissburgunder, Gewürtraminer
variety of soil,
(sand, porphyry, loam)
dry, crisp, distinctive

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