Top food blogs in 2009

Here is the first issue of Cellarer’s guide to the most popular food blogs. The contest includes all personal sites but the table shows only the 200 ‘best’ — ‘best’ is evaluated with public website metrics.

Herebelow is an overview of the results.

A comprehensive pool of candidates

The sushi competition begins! About 5 professional chefs competed at the JRA Japanese Food Festival on 25th October 2008The number of websites that I retrieve metrics for is 500. This list is close to being complete: it includes almost all the websites that qualify.

The small against the big

I chose to not include magazines, that is sites that are written by many contributors. Press and firms have their means of getting known. I’d rather promote unique voices (blogs). So the top food blogs is a convenient tool for getting to know prominent culinary authors. Please tell me if you spot an item in the list that would have more than 2 contributors.

How to participate

Websites are automatically included in the contest as soon as I learn of their existence. To be eligible to the next issue of the Top food blogs, the below conditions must be met:

  1. The main topic should be food.
  2. The articles must be written by one or two persons (not a team) — so as to screen firms.

You can follow the ranking evolution by subscribing to the feed on websites blog RSS.


There are ways to discover food-related sites. You can browse the list of Times Online guide to 50 food blogs; You can also take the tour at Cellarer search, a search engine dedicated to wine and food.

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14 Responses to “Top food blogs in 2009”

  1. Patti Londre says:

    Introducing my recipe blog Worth The Whisk, which I started just in April.

    Also, next spring, we are hosting Camp Blogaway Bootcamp for Food & Recipe Bloggers. May 14-16, 2010

    Thought you would be interested in that. Keep up the good work!

  2. deeba says:

    I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years…an Indian baking blog. Baking in India is barely existent, and I beat many odds to share my experience. I can see many blogs I like in your top 200. Good job! Cheers

  3. Lori says:

    Nice, comprehensive list. Lots of food blog buddies on there! My site (The Recipe Girl) has been up since 2006.

  4. Nancy says:

    This is a really good list of food blogs. I started my recipe blog about two months ago and I am nearing 100 recipe and wine posts. My site is called Food Tastes Yummy (

    Thanks for the list and I’ll be checking out some of them for sure.

  5. Patti, Deeba, Lori, Nancy,
    Thank you for stopping by. The contest is driven by automatic metrics so you should not expect your respective blogs to appear in the next few months. They will appear if they become “popular” or “well-known”. What I will do soon is read your blogs and check if I wish to include a few of them in my blog discovery tool.

  6. Chez Us says:

    Bonjour Estelle,

    What a fantastic list, I love it! I see so many sites that we read on a daily bases as well some new ones I have not heard of. We have been looking for a list that features all food sites/blogs besides only the top tier – you did a fantastic job at putting this together.

    As well I have been looking through your site, I love all the information listed here. Will be stopping by often!


    Denise & Lenny

  7. Bonjour Denise et Lenny,
    Thank you for the compliments. I am happy that the list is useful. I actually made it to use it myself. There is plenty of interesting blogs to read out there. You can browse the top 200 but you can also discover lesser known blogs by using the food search engine (also at the top right of the current page).

  8. Mark says:

    I have to say, wtf? This list makes no sense. Valuations are nutty and where is Simply Recipes who has more than 4+ million visitors a month? Pioneerwoman at 196 and she has over 3 million visitors. These two sites alone generate. I wonder if this is just a ploy to grab attention?

    Anyway, I find this a silly misreading of a great group of blogs both on the list and off the list.

  9. Simply Recipes has more than 2 writers, which breaks rule number 2 for the contest. This contributor rule serves to contain the scope to “blogs” — I mean websites by no more than two persons.

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  11. I’ve seen so much of your blog over this months but i never said Thank You! you’ve been quite an inspiration for me.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Do you even consider the Alexa scores in this ridiculous list? Some of your top 10 have pitiful Alexa scores. Yet big blogs like Whisk a food blog, Savory Sweet, SippitySip, and Macheesmo are not even on this list. Why?

  13. Alexa gives inaccurate scores. I use an indicator that is better recognized by the industry.

  14. yeah … I normally hate it when others post a comment scarcely stating “Nice topic”, but hell, that’s one splendid post!