Wine and cheese pairing

While there exist no fixed gastronomic rules as to what wine goes best with what cheese, there are many choices to explore. There are a multitude of combinations which are subjective and will vary with the individual palate. However, there exist certain guidelines that will help you in selecting the right balance.

Livarot, Pasti, Fourme D'Ambert - Small Cheese Platter - Wine and Cheese Providores

The flavour of the cheese and wine should be at the same level.
This prevents one from over-powering the other. Strong and powerful tasting wines goes well with cheeses of the same profile, likewise a delicate tasting cheese should be accompanied by a subtle tasting wine.

Selecting a wine from the same region where the cheese comes from often guarantees success.
Gastronomic culture and neighboring land helps to contribute to a complementary savour.

Generally speaking red wine is paired with hard cheese and white wine is paired with soft cheeses.
The above is a general guideline – enjoy!

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